Use Cases

The Digital Office System can be used anywhere in the world. 

Why struggle using English, if one’s workers are not fluent in it? Use your local language !

CyberSteno’s Digital Office is uniquely suitable in the following situations

Research students

Working as a team is made easier. Each team member can share his progress for the rest of the team. A light-bulb moment can be quickly recorded before it is lost!

Inspection Agencies

Reports can be uploaded instantly from the location. Reports can be typed by the secretary in the office, or by the official later.

Community Healthcare

For Healthcare workers visiting far flung homes in the community. This will be especially useful in developing countries, and more so in times of epidemics.

Sales and Marketing executives

Even if an executive isn’t great at giving typed reports, he/she will be able to give a verbal report.

Construction industry

The building-site is a busy place, and site supervisors cannot be expected to give typed reports two or three times a day. Using CyberSteno, detailed reports can be dictated as many times a day as needed.

Hospital teams

The MVP model of CyberSteno has been used by a hospital Specialist team on their busy wards for more than two years now. They appreciate it for the ease-of-use and the time saved. (See the testimonials). List Item

The Speech-To-Text System is best for urgent deadlines and personal requirements.


For students whether in college or research, when they have hours of typing for submissions and very little time.


For busy parents – who want to grab some time back so that they can grab a bit of their life back. So that they can attend their child’s game or recital. Or to have a relaxed meal with a loved one. Or just to spend on one’s hobbies and passions.

Traveling professionals

Traveling professionals can also get long reports that usually would take hours to type, completed in minutes.