Do you have a team that is very busy and on the move all the time ?

Cybersteno can help you and your team share information in a simple easy- to- use manner. 

Cybersteno is perfect for use in a traditional office, and was first designed with lawyers and doctors in mind.



Use the smartphone app or the web application to dictate. The voice files are never erased; and hence these can be saved as is, or can be used by the secretary to transcribe.

Web application

Web application has a distinct dictation module to upload voice files via a PC and transcription module where the secretary can listen to the dictation and type the report up

Self-type Module

Reports can be self-typed when needed and then filed straight without approval.


Someone in the team has to verify the secretary-typed report before filing.

Document Management

3 level file hierarchy.


A report once saved cannot be edited.

Attach Files

Files can be attached to reports (jpeg, ppt, docx, mp3, pdf, etc) even from a smartphone.


Mis-filed reports can be correctly relinked.

CyberSteno: The No-Frills Digital Office

Do you need to set up a cloud-based digital office for your team?


For Teams

For Users

Further Information

The beauty of the CyberSteno Digital Office system is that it can be used with almost any language font that your PC supports. Dictation can be in the local language.

To switch typing input languages on a Window PC: Just click the Windows key + Space. Choose the required language for your report.

1. Save just as the audio file.

2. Supplement the audio file with just the highlights / summary points.

3.Get the whole report transcribed by your secretary.

4. Users can self-type when needed.

5. Use the Speech-to-text facility to machine-transcribe for small extra cost


The audio files are always available for checking right there on the Report interface.

Using CyberSteno, your employees can keep updating the case status via voice reports. These can then be typed by your secretary in real time.

The voice reports are never deleted. It can be played whenever needed. Which means no more deniability. No more blaming the secretary for mistyping.

Every transcribed audio file has to be approved by a team member before it is filed. This is an extra layer of verification before filing.

If a report is misfiled against a wrong client / case number, it can be easily Re-linked to the correct one. A request has to be, however, approved by a second team member. Again this is to ensure accountability.